►Selmier State Forest

A small forest with many activities such as hiking trails, hunting, and wildlife watching.

►Crosley Fish & Wildlife Area

An outdoor area that is about 4,000 acres. Crosley is dedicated to fishing with a bunch of other activities like squirrel and turkey hunting, hiking, and archery. Some key features of this wildlife area include the Muscatatuck River, lakes, opportunities for birding, and a great habitat for game species.

►Big Oaks National Wildlife Refuge

A large wildlife preservation site that spans a total of 50,000 acres and 3 counties, including Jennings, Jefferson, and Ripley. This refuge is dedicated to maintaining and preserving natural habitats and animal species. Their mission statement is, "Our mission is to preserve, conserve, and restore biodiversity and biological integrity for the benefit of present and future generations of Americans." Big Oaks protects species like the endangered Indiana bat, river otters, and Henslow's sparrows. Some activities for visitors to participate in include hunting, wildlife viewing, fishing, and photography.

For more information about the trails offered at Big Oaks, take a look at this ►Map from the National Wildlife Refuge System.

►Muscatatuck Park

A large park along the Muscatatuck River with trails totaling to about 10 miles with a wide variety of other activities for visitors to participate in. Muscatatuck Park has kayaking/canoeing in the early summer, birding, fishing, hiking, and more. This park also has a fairly new playground for kids that was installed in 2017 and intend to place a "splash pad" to accompany the playground for more fun with the kids.

►Muscatatuck National Wildlife Refuge

This wildlife refuge is over 7,000 acres and includes wetlands. These wetlands foster a variety of uncommon amphibians and reptiles like four-toed salamanders and north copperbelly water snakes. The Muscatatuck National Wildlife Refuge is dedicated to preserving its combination of wetlands, grasslands, and forest.
The buildings and restrooms are currently closed, but the refuge is open!

If you would like more information on the trails offered at Muscatatuck National Wildlife Refuge, check out these maps from the ►US Fish & Wildlife Service, ►Indiana Audubon, and the ►National Wildlife Refuge System.
►Calli Nature Preserve

A private preserve of about 179 acres with 2 miles of trails and interpretive stations with maps located at the park or community foundation. These interactive stations include wildlife information that you can read as you walk along the trail. If the parking lot is full, please find another spot or come back later.

►Eco Lake Park

A park that spans about 127 acres. Eco Lake Park is a newer park that is still in the development process. Currently, it has a few activities that include a playground, fishing, and a boat ramp. There is also a 3-mile trail that is under construction and to be rerouted.

►North Vernon City Park

Located at the heart of North Vernon, the City Parks and Recreation department has many activities that the public of Jennings County can participate in. The park includes multiple baseball fields, basketball courts, and playgrounds. There are also many open spaces with trees for shade. The North Vernon Parks and Recreation department also has a fairly new waterpark that is located right next to the park and hard to miss if you're driving by.

►Tripton Park

This park is a new addition to Jennings County. Some amenities include a cornhole station, playground, outdoor adult exercise equipment, a pond, and a small outdoor theater. Along with these activities, there is a large arrangement of solar panels just beside the walking path.

►Vernon Gym

This gym is a recreation center that hosts a variety of community events throughout the year. Many of these events include sport league games and other holiday events, like Thanksgiving dinner as mentioned by an attending community member. If you would like more information about the gym or wish to reserve it for an event, please contact Trish Hendershot at 812-953-6040.

►Vernon Commons

Vernon Commons is a place designed for bringing people together in the outdoors along the banks of the Muscatatuck River. This open, public playground is most known for hosting the canoe race every year.

►Geneva Township Recreation Center

This recreation center is 37 acres with baseball fields, basketball courts, mini golf, and three separate playground areas. It is located just off of Highway 7 in Scipio.

►Brush Creek Boat Ramp & Reservoir

Brush Creek Reservoir is a large body of water located in Butlerville (Campbell Township) and is host to a variety of fish some of which include largemouth bass, catfish, and carp. There is a public access boat ramp to the reservoir for fishing, kayaking, and canoeing off of US-50 on N County Road 550 E.